Sam Paget takes the crown as HOCO King

Emmanuella Mbonu, Staff Writer

After only a short campaign, high school senior Sam Paget won homecoming king. Paget’s friends thought it would be a cool idea if he ran for Homecoming king so although it was a bit of a last-minute decision, he decided he would go for it.

“I thought it’d be really cool to be able to have that title,” Paget said.

Campaigning was the next step. With some help from his friends, Paget got to work.

“My friend, Ariana Davis and I promoted a poster with the two of us as a duo and we posted it on multiple social media platforms,” he said.

This was not his first time on the homecoming court. He had previously been on his sophomore court as well during the 2018-2019 school year. Paget was still elated, however, to find out he made it onto the ballot this school year as well.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest,” Paget said. “I had no idea who was going to vote for me, but of course no matter the outcome, I was happy I was on the court at least.”

Having thought of the whole idea at the last minute, Paget was grateful to have won the title of homecoming king as he received a lot of support following the announcement.

“I was surprised to see my name appear,” Paget said. “My friends were really excited. I got a bunch of phone calls and texts congratulating me. It was a nice feeling to have all the recognition for a moment.”

Paget is involved in band, HOSA and NHS. Winning homecoming king is something many people dream about, but not many have the chance to claim this as an accomplishment.

“Honestly, looking at the other nominees, I did not think I’d win at all,” Paget said. “It was something that made me smile.”