Painting a bigger picture

Mia Romani, Staff Writer

Although some connected learners find it more difficult to work on their art projects this year, many find inspiration in encouraging words from their teachers. Covid has impacted the way students learn. For art, it’s a little difficult because some students are connected learners and they can’t actually see their classmates or teachers.

“The art department creates a very open and welcoming atmosphere to its students like myself,” junior Eowyn Dautrich said. “For many art kids, art is a safe place to enjoy ourselves and do something we enjoy, so I missed that aspect dearly.”

In addition, online students find it harder to stay focused while drawing or doing their project with many connected learners getting distracted more easily now that they are not in school. For art classes, these distractions only increase.

“A hard part with the online class is to keep motivated and not get too comfortable with creating lazy work,” junior Chloe Svandlenka said. “I try to
push myself to learn new things and learn new [mediums].”

Although students understand it’s their responsibility to keep track of what they do during their art class, most would prefer to actually be in the class instead of working at home.

“I think at home students can either be doing great or lousy depending on how they are controlling their own situation and learning environment,” Dautrich said. “It is just easier to stray from what you are supposed to be doing when you are at home.”

Teachers have sought to help by inspiring their students to think outside the boxes of what it means to be creative. For some students, this motivation is the only thing keeping them going.

“I love my teacher and the way she handles our assignments,” Svandlenka said. “I also like the way I’m learning art by myself and also being able to spend time alone [to think] of ways I can express myself more in my art.”

Teachers are also excited to see students are still able to learn during this time.

“In some classes I feel like they are doing very well. I can see their dedication to art and the projects they are working on. It is very encouraging,” art teacher Angelia Ford said. “I can’t wait for everyone to be at school.”