Letter from Mr. Hailey to the Class of 2022


Dear Class of 2022,

The time is here! Congratulations! Each one of you have achieved a remarkable feat of completing your high school experience and preparing yourself for post-secondary success. You have worked hard during your 13 years and now you are ready and prepared to receive a diploma from your alma mater and to move on to college, career, or military. Can you believe you are about to be a Bengal Alum? We are very proud of your accomplishments and of the outstanding leadership you have brought to our culture and campus. COVID times have been a tremendous hurdle, but your resilience, courage, and engagement has proven you can accomplish great things no matter how high the hurdle maybe. I have enjoyed watching you grow over the past couple of years and have cherished the moments that I have personally shared with you. The conversations, the laughter, the teachable moments that both you and I have had is why I will forever have a bond with the Class of 2022. I wish you continued success and blessings on your road. Remember to always believe in yourself. Live an Identity of Excellence…YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!! May graduation and all the activities associated with it bring you and your family and friends great joy. This world needs you as leaders and you are prepared. I am so proud of you, and I can wait for you to change the trajectory of your family by the great things that are in store for you. Remember to BE THE CHANGE and to always have a high self-worth, self-expectation, and self-accountability.


Mr. Hailey