Frisco Memorial High School changes Braswell’s senior class plans


Staff Report

An originally approved senior prank at Frisco Memorial High School took a turn for the worse Thursday, May 19, causing thousands of dollars in damages, forcing them to cancel class for the remainder of the year, and for Braswell admin, and other area school district officials, to cancel previously approved senior pranks.

The prank at Frisco Memorial was organized by a small group of students that originally only involved sticking Post-it notes all over walls but later turned into a building- wide act of vandalism involving fire extinguishers.

The extent of the damage was enough that the high school canceled its last classes on Thursday and Friday as the campus was cleaned, cutting the year short for graduating seniors. Students at Braswell had planned on filling the school hallways full of balloons, similar to other schools across the country that are featured on TikTok.

McKane Barnes, senior class president, ran the prank by school administration and was all set to begin that evening before school officials cancelled the prank after learning about what happened at Frisco Memorial. The announcement was made to students and staff during fourth period on Thursday.

“It sucks,” Barnes said. You know, a few bad actors at one school ruin a Senior tradition for a bunch of other schools. It just sucks. There was a lot of planning and money dumped into ours and then this happened. With that being said though, I’m not gonna say I don’t agree with the decision, but it sucks.”

Frisco Memorial will stay closed until the end of the academic year.