More F2F learners means more safety protocols

Austin Kiser,, Staff Writer

Schools are slowly welcoming more students back into the building after COVID-19 completely shut them down. With the second quarter of school happening students were given the option to stay a connected learner, or come back to school as a face- to-face (F2F) learner.

“I chose to do F2F because I was tired of being at home all day being unproductive,” sophomore Deneysha Pittman said.

However, some students have chosen to remain at-home learners.

“Connected learning has actually been one of the best decisions I made,” sophomore Dylan Smith said. “I’m staying safe and getting better grades than normal.”

With all of the F2F learners being on campus at the same time for the second quarter, staff members are very strict on their mask rules and staying socially distant with each other.

“If they have to constantly remind you, you will receive a consequence,” sophomore Kennedy Ray said.

Schools across the world have to follow similar guidelines which includes wearing your mask, staying socially distant, and staying sanitized throughout the day.

“As a staff member I want to make sure that everyone in the building is safe and distant from everyone,” STAFF said. “I am very excited to see a lot of new faces and excited to keep everyone safe.”

In addition to an emphasis on safety protocols, changes to the normal school day were made as well, including lunch and transitioning to class.

“At lunch they make us sit with a mini window,” Rays said. “Every seat, and table has one to avoid F2F conversations. In the hallways we can’t sit in the middle of the hallways like last year. We must go directly to class [and can not] use the restroom.”

Schools all around the world are very excited for the second quarter of school. However, in order to have a successful quarter students and staff must follow COVID-19 procedures at all times.

“I believe students who chose to go back will have a great, safe quarter as long as they can follow guidelines and wear their mask,” Smith said, “and most importantly stay socially distant from each other.”