Volleyball means family

Alexys Rodgers, Staff Writer

You either win as a team or lose as a team, but together, you form a bond as strong as family. Game days during volleyball season can be a very fun experience, but something that makes it even more exciting, is the teammates.

“Before games, my friends/teammates put me in a good mood,” sophomore Juliana Beyette said. “They always make me laugh and smile when I talk to them which helps me stay happy before the game.”

The last game is no different. However, players also use this time to reflect, knowing they gave the team everything.

“For the last game, I look forward to jamming out to music on the way there,” sophomore Kamryn Peck said.

Mckinney High School was the last rival game of the JV volleyball season.

“I like walking in looking all serious so that the other team is scared,” Beyette said. “I also like it when we warm up because then we can show them to not mess around with us.”

Although not every player grew up loving the sport, it is something that became meaningful to most. After getting their first dig, or even best pass ever, some players started becoming more serious about the sport and as they kept playing, learned to love the competition.

“I remember in eighth grade, it was our last game and we won the championship against Harpool Middle School,” Peck said. “ My passing was really good and I decided that I wanted to keep playing in High School.”

Volleyball is a team sport, and because of this, it is important to build a strong family within the team. If someone is down, the girls work to bring them up or just be there for them. So when they think of volleyball, they think of family.