Family gatherings decrease as COVID increases

Alexys Rodgers, Staff Writer

When COVID-19 hit in March, a lot of things changed for everyone. People could no longer cheer on their favorite team or gather in their favorite restaurant. Standing six feet away seemed like a mile when missing out on family gatherings and game nights with friends.

The government mandated the shut down in hopes of lowering the number of active cases. However, some families felt more distant than others when, in a few cases, mothers had to separate from their children in order to quarantine after being exposed to the virus.

“When my mother got [COVID], I realized how bad this was seeing her in so much pain and being so sick for two weeks,” sophomore Aiden Keller said. “All of us in our house had to wear a mask. It was so stressful wondering if she would be okay and if I would be as well.”

Although COVID has affected daily tasks and activities, many saw the greatest effect around the holidays. Where families used to have loads of people over, many recognized the need to cut back in order to be safe.

“We have a small collection of people that we have over to our house: both of my parents and two different coaches that we work with regularly and
their kids,” English teacher Stefani Moore said. “My kids are in school with their kids, we ride to the games together; they are basically an extension of our family.”

Sometimes most wish there was a reverse button or a way they could change everything that has happened with COVID.

“I want a normal, happy life like how we thought it would be as kids,” Keller said.

As most of us are hoping for a quick end to COVID, there are ways to make family gatherings safe during this pandemic.

“Nothing has really changed for us,” Keller said, “we just have to make sure we all wash our hands more often.” Keller said.

Many considered the negatives of the impact COVID has on family gatherings, but by taking the proper safety precautions all was not lost during the holiday season.

“I love family gatherings,” Mrs. Moore said. “Family is life for me. It allows us a time to celebrate all the little things in life together.”